7 FHA vs Conventional

      Which one is Right? The simple answer is:  which one gets you the mortgage for the house you want. Here are some key highlights: FHA FHA stands (Federal Housing Administration) loans are available to all borrowers and are guaranteed by the government. The mortgage is issued by the bank, not the government,… [Read More]

Mortgages for Investors

99 Investors

        Becoming a property investor has become easier recently with many lenders now offering easy to get approved mortgages for investors, even first-time investors. To become a property investor you need Credit, money and a loan officer. Credit means A 620 minimum score; 3 Credit Tradelines (i.e., credit card, auto or home loan)… [Read More]

What You Need To Get a Mortgage

4 What You You Need for a Mortgage

      To get a mortgage, you need credit, money and a loan officer. Credit means 3 items: a credit score of 580 for a low down payment mortgage;  current or open credit items such as credit cards or loans; no current credit = no mortgage; and, not terrible credit the last 2 years…. [Read More]

Credit Needed for a Mortgage

3 What Does Credit Mean

        To get a mortgage, you need credit, money and a loan officer. What does “credit” mean?  Credit means 3 things: a credit score, current or open credit items, and not terrible credit for the last 1-2 years. Credit Score:  you need to have a credit score to get a mortgage. A credit score… [Read More]

VA Mortgages

14 VA Mortgages

VA Mortgages – 10 Key Facts Many Veterans Do Not Know More than 1.6 million Veterans and Service members live in Florida, but only about 6 percent of them bought a home using a VA home loan. Eligible Veterans often bypass the program as a viable option for a number of reasons. First, they may not… [Read More]

FHA Mortgages

5 FHA Loan

      The FHA Mortgage (Federal Housing Authority) is the traditional first-time buyers’ program. The federal government simply insures for the bank the mortgage against default. Loans are approved and issued by the bank. It is offered by virtually every bank – with big differences in who gets approved. It makes a difference with… [Read More]