$0 Down Mortgages

$0 Down Programs

Some homebuyers have the income to pay the monthly mortgage but lack the money for a down payment. Or, there are mortgage programs designed for a certain homebuyer and a $0 Down Mortgage is available. Here are all the $0 mortgage options: Veterans or Active Military: VA Mortgages are always $0 down. Key points: Available for… [Read More]

Credit Scores Needed for Mortgage

Credit Scores Needed for Mortgage

Credit Scores Needed for Mortgage Your credit score is 1 of 3 keys credit items a lender examines when you apply for a loan. The other 2 items are equally as important. These are the amount of monthly credit payments you are making, and your credit history. Example: you can have a 680 credit score,… [Read More]

Key Facts for FHA Mortgages

5 FHA Loan

The FHA Mortgage (Federal Housing Authority) is the traditional first-time buyer’s program. The federal government simply insures for the bank the mortgage against a default. Loans are approved and issued by the bank. It is offered by virtually every bank – with big differences in who gets approved.   And, it makes a difference with whom… [Read More]

VA Mortgages for Veterans

14 VA Mortgages

VA (Veterans Administration) mortgages are perhaps the best mortgage programs around. They offer $0 down, no mortgage insurance, and one can qualify with a credit score down to 500. Sadly, a majority of veterans and their families are either unaware of how easy it is to qualify, or the benefits of the program. Many believe… [Read More]

What Does Credit Mean for Mortgage?

3 What Does Credit Mean

To get a mortgage, you need credit, money and a loan officer. What does “credit” mean?  Credit means 3 things: a credit score, current or open credit items, and not terrible credit the last 1-2 years.  Credit Score:  you need to have a credit score to get a mortgage. A credit score is set by a series… [Read More]

$0 Down USDA Mortgages


$0 Down USDA Mortgages USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture. Originally, the program was designed to help families with moderate income buy rural housing. Or, homes in the country, far away from the city. Today, with urban sprawl, you can get a USDA mortgage close to work or other city life. Here are… [Read More]