Chris Luis, Mortgage Broker

Main Number: (941) 219-4381
7988 Glenbrooke Lane
Sarasota, FL 34243


Chris-Luis1Chris Luis, My Favorite Mortgage Broker, is an online Loan Officer-Mortgage Broker, CLuisMortgages, LLC, known for closing loans other loan officers cannot.

He owns and operates his own mortgage company, meaning Chris has the knowledge and skill to see your loan through from application to the closing table.

He has a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating  and 98% Final Approval Average: higher than Quicken Loans  88%, Veterans United 88%, Bank of America 83% or Guaranteed Rate 83%  Unlike these lenders, he takes on tough loans: home buyers with less than excellent credit. Earlier this year he close a Loan with the homeowner having a 517 Credit Score. These other lenders require a 620 or above just to talk to you.

Chris serves Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania homebuyers and offers individualized service tailored to fit all each client’s personal financing needs.

He works with the many of the nation’s top lenders and has great primary residence, jumbo, bank statement, and foreign national programs.

Chris is known as an FHA Czar. Be it 203K Rehabs, HUD $100 Down Homes, or $0 closing costs, Chris has the experience and the relationships with the underwriters to get even most credit challenged home buyers approved and to a closing.

Here is a list of some of the loan programs offered:

  • Conventional: 3% Down – First Time Homebuyer.
  • Down Payment Assistance; $0 Down FHA.
  • FHA: 580 FICO, 3.5% Down.
  • FHA: 500 FICO, 10% Down.
  • Foreign National: 25%-35% Down, 12 month’s reserves, any home.
  • HUD $100 Down Home: 580 FICO.
  • Investments: 620 FICO, all homes, all type of ownership, almost any state.
  • Investors: 20% Down No Income, No Job, 620 FICO
  • Jumbo: Over $1M, 10% to 25% depending on FICO.
  • New Construction: 620 FICO, 15% down, with regular draws.
  • New Construction: 580 FICO, $0 Down to 5% Down, no builder draws.
  • Second Homes: 620 FICO, 10% Down.
  • Self Employed: Bank Statements for income, 500 FICO, 10% to 25% Down based on FICO.
  • Short Sale: with no housing lates, 580 FICO, 3.5%, wait 3 years.
  • 1 Year Tax Returns: 580 FICO, 10%-25% down base down FICO.
  • USDA: 580 FICO, $0 Down, Family Income Under @$95,000.
  • VA: 500 FICO, prefer 560, $0 Down, no bad credit last year.
  • 20% Down: Money in the Bank, No Questions, No Income, No Job., 640 FICO.

Chris has an old school approach and once you are a customer, he is available to you with your schedule.

He gives full service to ALL customers, from the beginning until well after closing.

His reputation for excellence and vast knowledge continues to earn him great respect and has many customers where entire families of brothers, cousins, and other family members come to him for mortgages.